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Air Freight

When speed is of the essence and you have a tight deadline to meet, .We deal with your air shipments efficiently and effectively, delivering your cargo straight to and from your door with a relying on the cooperation that we have established with trusted Airlines company to guarantee you an on-time delivery with competitive price. Our skilled and experienced team will help you to find the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your airfreight needs. With expert knowledge of the best routes, airlines and local provisions, we’re able to provide our clients with quick, professional results at highly competitive rates, Our mains services include:

– Imports and exports                – Consolidations

– Direct IATA shipments             – Out-of-gauge freighter loads

– Import customs clearance       – Import licensing applications

– Hazardous cargo shipments   – Express courier shipments


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Sea Freight

Our Export and import operations team has links with all major Indonesia and overseas ports At Sea space International, our team facilitates and manages sea freight shipments worldwide with a strong international network, the latest technology and specialist staff, our port operations team, based at Surabaya (Tanjung Perak), links with all major Indonesia and overseas ports, has access to a wide range of carriers and related services.

At PT. PAS, our sea freight shipping services include:

-Imports and exports                                

-LCL and FCL shipments

-Conventional and out-of-gauge loads

-Import and export customs clearance

-Import and Export licensing applications 

-Hazardous cargo shipments

-Customs warehousing -Break Bulk system


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Custom Clearance

We assist importers and exporters with the clearance of their goods arriving to and from Indonesia and non-Indonesian countries. Once the cargo has cleared customs we will arrange onward delivery to their final location. Experienced in the rules and procedures set by Customs and relevant government agencies, we prepare and submit all documentation required and keep you updated every step of the way.

We’re here to help – whether you are a first time importer/exporter or a seasoned veteran.


Project And Bulk Cargo

Transportation of over-sized and heavy cargo needs special handling as it will involves a lot of necessary equipment’s and experts to handle complex infrastructure. Our teams experience will help you identify the most effective routes to get your cargo on-site while maintaining cost efficiency. Not only limited to the land transportation, we can also integrate the project starting from the shipment in country of origin up until delivery to desired destination. In detail, our scope of services is:

-Movement of oversized and heavy lift cargoes and equipment’s

-Multi-moda transportation – ocean, air, land and rail

-Heavy lift equipment’s

-Provision of lashing and packing services